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Mercedes among windows - windows for demanding clients.

How do you make dreams come true and achieve life goals? Compromise is certainly not an option. Our P-line PVC windows meet the expectations of even the most discerning perfectionists. Built to enhance your living space in new buildings, they ensure prestige, comfort and absolute convenience.

P-Line Advantages:

  • Pleasant atmosphere in the apartment:
    Special chambers guarantee the highest thermal insulation values and provide a cozy atmosphere.
  • Long-lasting durability:
    Thanks to weather-resistant materials and high-quality ferrule, you can enjoy the windows for many years.
  • Preservation-free and easy to maintain:
    The smooth surfaces are extremely easy to clean and do not require preservation works.
  • Increased safety:
    Optional to RC2 class.

The multi-chambered frame design

Your interior will be naturally illuminated by the sun, thanks to larger glass panes and thinner frames. The new P®Perfect welding technology offers impeccable aesthetics and no visible joints, putting the P-line windows on par with their wooden counterparts. The multi-chambered frame design, developed with energy-efficient homes in mind, ensures excellent thermal insulation and a cosy atmosphere. Every aspect of the windows was developed with one goal – to keep your home in great shape for years, because nothing showcases your style better than that.

Energy efficiency and environmental protection

Perfection is the sum of the numerous constantly perfected details, which show quality and class – such as the durability and strength of plastics, reliability of hardware and efficient Nordic style. Energy efficiency and environmental protection requirements have been a standard for a while now. These days, the main priority is to create a space designed to take care of the needs of the whole family, so that everybody can live exactly as planned – in a home that meets your expectations and ambitions.

P-Line window structure

Modern chamber construction

The profiles created by the latest calculation methods ensure: the best thermal insulation, optimal profile stabilization and high lifting capacity even with heavy glazing.

Durable seal

Three perimeter gaskets made of high quality long-lasting elastic material guarantee excellent window quality despite the passage of time and ensure reliable protection against drafts and moisture.

Excellent noise protection

80 mm - deep installation with standard gasket in combination with the highest quality soundproof glass, guarantee the highest acoustic insulation.

More light

Narrow frame, sash, and mid-section assembly guarantee high light flow and solar energy.

HDF (High Definition Finishing) technology

Another advantage of the profiles is their surface finish using the HDF formula, which creates an exceptionally smooth and uniform surface with an exceptional gloss. It is insensitive to dirt, easy to maintain and clean.

Innovation hidden inside the window

The possibility of using hidden hinge technology hinges guarantees the aesthetic advantage of the product.


Technical specifications:

Modern PVC windows guarantee excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

They reduce the amount of heat lost and influence the amount of energy and heat consumption – effectively. They look after our finances.

Their high level of soundproofing protects you from Their high soundproofing level will protect you from external noise even in the heart of the city, while their high safety standards ensure the best protection against burglary risks.

Thermal insulation 1) Uw up to 0.72 W/m2K
Acoustic insulation 2) Rw value up to 45 dB
Resistance to wind loads up to class C3/B5 in accordance with EN 12210
Waterproofness up to class 9A, according to EN 12208
Air permeability up to class 4, according to EN 12207
Safety up to RC2
  1. single sash window (1.23 x 1.48 m)
  2. according to EN 14351/1

Manufacture variants (outside)


P-Line Classic

flat sash


P-Line Elegance

rounded sash


P-Line Renovo

flat sash

A wide range of frame colors is available.

The appearance of our products combines practicality and beauty. We offer a wide range of colors, shapes and equipment, thanks to which you can at pleasure compose your chosen window and door joinery.

Colors of PVC foil

Use coloured PVC foil - from the inside and outside! Masking foil are light resistant, dirt resistant, aging resistant and easy to clean. No matter what color variant and structure you choose.

colour group [1]

szary struktura drewna

Grey wood structure

Antracyt struktura drewna

Anthracite wood structure

Antracyt struktura piasku

Anthracite sand structure

Brąz czekoladowy

Chocolate brown



Złoty dąb

Golden oak

Noce Sorrento Balsamic

Nights Sorrento Balsamic





Ciemny dąb

Dark oak

colour group [2]

Szczotkowane aluminium

Brushed aluminium

Szary gładki

Smooth grey

Zieleń mchu

Moss green

Irish Oak

Irish Oak



Birke rose

Birke rose





Soft CherrySoft Cherry

Soft Cherry

Cherry Amaretto

Cherry Amaretto



Siena PN

Siena PN

Biały struktura drewna

White wood structure

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All our products are equipped with top-class fittings from a reputable company.

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ensuring graduated tilt and failure-free service for many years.