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The obvious choice!

Do you know how to save money in a smart way?

When energy and heating costs are on the rise, putting off replacing old, leaky windows is hardly the smartest thing you can do.

Installing new PVC windows brings immediate benefits and lets you save considerable sums in the long run. The difference is obvious – you will definitely notice it on your next bill.

SmartLine Benefits:

  • Versatility:
    With an installation depth of 70 mm, Smartline window systems are particularly well suited for use during renovations.
  • Design:
    Classic or round design Smartline+ will meet any design requirements.
  • Comfort:
    With energy-efficient Smartline+ windows (UW up to 0.90 W/m2K) you take care of nature and save on heating costs at the same time.
  • Durability:
    Galvanized steel reinforcements provide maximum rigidity and stability, as well as excellent functionality.
  • Versatile variants:
    Customized window sizes and colors, as well as high-quality hardware, provide the highest degree of design freedom.

Robust and durable

The market is flooded with a variety of products – all offering advanced technologies, state-of-the-art materials and thermal insulation. Every manufacturer promises outstanding performance, while pushing you towards the more expensive variants.

It might be easy to get lost in all of this – what to pick? The rule of thumb is that overpaying is not worth it – it is best to focus on getting the best quality for the most affordable price. Smart Line windows feature proven Rehau profiles and reliable Winkhaus hardware. Robust and durable designs made in Poland, adapted to our weather conditions.

Lowering your heating bill

Easy to keep in great shape and maintenance-free. Universal shapes and an extensive selection of colours to choose from. If you care about reducing energy losses and lowering your heating bill, you have found the right solution! When you buy Smart Line, you are not going to overpay, you will solve your issues in an effective way and you will immediately feel better in your home.

It’s always a good idea to keep your finances in check – when you get around to replacing your windows, take advantage of the subsidies and get as much as 100% of your investment back. It is as clear as day – new windows mean pure profit!

SmartLine window structure


Rounded or flat shapes of profile give Smartline windows a timeless look that you decide for yourself.

Thermal insulation

Energy efficiency of Smartline windows along with an attractive price/quality ratio.

High tightness

Two circumferential gaskets made of high quality, flexible PREN material guarantee reliable protection against drafts and moisture for years.

Even better rigidity and stability

Galvanized steel reinforcements with PVC profiles meet even the highest static requirements.


Technical specifications:

Modern PVC windows guarantee excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

They reduce the amount of heat lost and influence the amount of energy and heat consumption – effectively. They look after our finances.

Their high level of soundproofing protects you from Their high soundproofing level will protect you from external noise even in the heart of the city, while their high safety standards ensure the best protection against burglary risks.

Thermal insulation 1) Uw up to 0.90 W/m2K
Acoustic insulation 2) Rw value up to 44 dB
Resistance to wind loads up to class C3/B5 in accordance with EN 12210
Waterproofness up to class 9A, according to EN 12208
Air permeability up to class 4, according to EN 12207
Safety up to RC2
  1. single sash window (1.23 x 1.48 m)
  2. according to EN 14351/1

Variants of execution (outside)


SmartLine Classic

flat sash


SmartLine Elegance

rounded sash


SmartLine Renovo Elegance

rounded sash

A wide range of frame colors is available.

The appearance of our products combines practicality and beauty. We offer a wide range of colors, shapes and equipment, thanks to which you can at pleasure compose your chosen window and door joinery.

Colors of PVC foil

Use coloured PVC foil - from the inside and outside! Masking foil are light resistant, dirt resistant, aging resistant and easy to clean. No matter what color variant and structure you choose.

colour group [1]

szary struktura drewna

Grey wood structure

Antracyt struktura drewna

Anthracite wood structure

Antracyt struktura piasku

Anthracite sand structure

Brąz czekoladowy

Chocolate brown



Złoty dąb

Golden oak

Noce Sorrento Balsamic

Nights Sorrento Balsamic





Ciemny dąb

Dark oak

colour group [2]

Szczotkowane aluminium

Brushed aluminium

Szary gładki

Smooth grey

Zieleń mchu

Moss green

Irish Oak

Irish Oak



Birke rose

Birke rose





Soft CherrySoft Cherry

Soft Cherry

Cherry Amaretto

Cherry Amaretto



Siena PN

Siena PN

Biały struktura drewna

White wood structure

okucie Winkhaus


All our products are equipped with top-class fittings from a reputable company.

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ensuring graduated tilt and failure-free service for many years.